Pool Table Mini Mover


  • Incorporates a Simple, Compact design into an inexpensive package.
  • Both the Mover and the Pool Table can fit onto an extended pickup liftgate.
  • Designed for moving Pool Tables from Location to Location.
  • Makes moving easier and protects the pool table too!
  • Will fit virtually all pool tables and air hockey tables, even those with trestle legs.
  • Adjusts easily for different widths and lengths.
  • Specially angled to balance load over wheels.
  • Two will fit side by side in a pickup truck (with table legs removed).
  • Strong Clamping action holds pool table securely in place.
  • Lugs for use with Nylon Straps are provided for extra security if desired.
  • Dolly is rated at 1000 Lb. test,
  • Special composition wheels are kind to floors.
  • Approximate Dimensions:
    Overall Length = 35″, Width (varies) = 21″, Height = 12″
    Built tough in the USA.

<p><a href=”https://nortechusa.com/mini-mover-how-it-works/”>Click Here</a> to see how it works.</p>

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This Mini Mover adjusts to fit snugly onto the side of a pool table. Center it with the side pocket. You can then tip the pool table over onto the mini mover and easily roll it wherever you desire. Larger center wheels let you turn around tight corners and the height offset lets you roll it onto pickup lift gates.

Additional information

Weight 672 oz
Dimensions 35 × 21 × 10 in

Valley & Dynamo, Shelti – for tables with an extra "lip" at the top


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