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"The One-Person Pool Table Mover"

    Size 20"x20"x14 1/4" and raises just over 3"

    Extra Strength, 10 Gauge Steel Brackets

    Patented 8 Point, 10 Gauge Steel Lift Arms for strength and stability

    Double Ball-Bearing Casters, Rated at 450 lbs each

    One Year Full Warranty

    Built in the USA to Last

    Save Time, Save Money, Save Backs

    Ships via UPS

    This Lift was originally designed for coin operated tables. If you order it for a home table, it will still work. The unit lifts to a maximum height of just over 17 1/2" alone but adding a platform such as 2x4s or 4x4s onto the top will give you the extra lift needed to contact the bottom of a home table so you will still be able to move it just as easily. We do not recommend the use of this item on a slate bottom table.

MODEL #: 25100     $289.00(plus shipping)
Order Yours Today!
-Great for locations that move their tables for Dances and Special Events-
-Conveniently stores under the table when not in use-
Click Here to see a list of replacement parts for the EasyLift Pool Table Lift.
Pool Lift

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