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Instructions for the Mini-Mover from Nortech

Here's how it works!
Mini-Mover mounted on pool table.
Position the Mini-Mover at the middle of the table and engage the clamps. The clamps secure the Mini-Mover to the table. You will not need to overtighten the clamps, they should only be snug enough so when you tip the table over later, the mover stays attached to the table. The areas of the Mini-Mover that come in contact with the table are padded to protect the table.
Tip the table up onto the Mini-Mover.
One man can easily tip the table up onto the Mini-Mover.
(For best results, remove leg levelers before tipping.)
Table tipped on Mini-Mover.
The Mini-Mover rides on six wheels. The two middle wheels are larger than the four outside wheels.
Pool table 
        sitting on the Mini-Mover
This makes the Mini-Mover very maneuverable. You can actually spin the Mini-Mover and the pool table around on the two middle wheels.

Loading the Mini-Mover onto a truck is as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3!
Put Mini-Mover and 
        table onto the liftgate.
To start, tilt the Mini-Mover and the pool table onto the two back and the two middle wheels. This will lower the back end and raise the front end to ease rolling of the Mini-Mover and table up onto the liftgate.
Now roll the Mini-Mover and pool table onto the liftgate.
Mini-Mover and 
        pool table on gate in lowered position
As you can see the front and middle sets of wheels are up on the liftgate.
As the lift gate is raised, you can see the weight is being lifted by the lift gate. Not the operator.
Liftgate raising 
        Mini-Mover and pool table.
The operator only has to balance the load, he does not have to lift. This feature greatly reduces back injuries.
Finally, with the liftgate in the raised position, the Mini-Mover and pool table roll right into the truck. If the legs of the table are removed, two Mini-Movers with tables will easily fit side by side in a pick-up truck.
Mini-Mover and table 
        in truck.

For safety over rough terrain.
Pool table strapped 
        into a Mini-Mover.
Over rough terrain you can secure the pool table to the Mini-Mover by using nylon staps (straps not included). The Mini-Mover has built-in, conveniently located strap anchors.

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