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"Making Your Gaming Life Easier by NORTECH"

The Pinball Lift
Improved version of a classic design. Just roll the pinball lift under the pinball, step on the lift bar, and easily lift it 3" to 4 " off the floor. The lift locks in place, allowing you to easily move the pinball around the location. Step on the release and the pinball is gently lowered to the ground. Constructed of heavy-duty 3/16" X 1 1/4" angle iron. All four casters swivel. Cart requires some assembly (wheels and hydraulic lifter-instructions are included).

MODEL #: 24000     $450.00
Pinball Lift

Dart Tips - Dimpled or 2ba Keypoint
A high quality, American-made dart tip. Black soft tip. Strong but flexible. Built to last. Since getting these tips, we have used no other on our route. Sold in quantities for both the public and distributor trade.

Bag of 100 Tips:

MODEL #: 35100R-shown on left (Dimpled 1/4")  $5.95 / bag
MODEL #: 35101R-shown on right (2BA Keypoint)  $5.95 / bag
Dart Tips-Bags of 100

Bag of 1000 Tips:

MODEL #: 35100-shown on left (Dimpled 1/4") $13.50 / bag
5 Bags: $57.00 ( $ 11.40 / bag)
10 Bags: $100.00 ( $ 10.00 / bag)

MODEL #: 35101-shown on right (2BA Keypoint)  $13.50 / bag
5 Bags: $57.00 ( $ 11.40 / bag)
10 Bags: $100.00 ( $ 10.00 / bag)
Dart Tips-Bags of 1000

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