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NORTECH'S ATM/Vending Alarm
"The One and Only Security System You Will Need "

If you move your mouse over the picture, you can see a little zoom window with a magnified version of a part of the picture in it. But there is more:
If you press the UP key on your keyboard, the zoom ratio increases, if you press the DOWN key, the zoom ratio decreases, if you press the RIGHT key, the zoom window increases, and finally, if you press the LEFT key, the zoom window decreases.

tjpzoom picture title
-Charging cord for the 12 Volt battery included with the purchase of the alarm

- Great for ATM and Vending machines

- Will also work with Amusement Games or any other machine you want to protect

- 130 decibel alarm noise

- With the adjustable sensitivity, you decide how sensitive you want it

- Easy mounting - alarm has a 1" heavy duty magnet in the bottom to attach to any flat metal part of machine

- A phone dialler can be added and set up to call any phone number when alarm goes off
(optional equipment)

- Very simple and quick to set up to protect your assets. See a set of instructions of how quick and simple it really is to set up.

MODEL #: 40000     $295.00(plus shipping)

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ATM/Vending Alarm

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